13 Reasons to include Curry Leaves to your Diet

Sambar. Upma. Dal. Poha. What do they all have in common? A tempering rich in curry leaves. But curry leaves – or Curry leaves, as they are commonly known in India – do more good than simply seasoning your food.

Curry power benefits include weight loss and a drop in cholesterol levels.

But there’s lots more that the Curry leaves can do. Here are 13 reasons to chew on those curry leaves that pop up on your plate.

To keep anaemia away
The humble Curry leaves is a rich source of iron and folic acid. Anaemia crops up when your body is unable to absorb iron and use it. “Folic acid is responsible for iron absorption and as Curry leaves is a rich source of both compounds, it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to amp up your iron levels,” says Alpa Momaya, a Diet & Wellness consultant with Sunrise nutrition hub.

To protect your liver
If you are a heavy drinker, eating curry leaves can help quell liver damage. A study published in Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research has rev…

Most effective ways to overcome Weight loss problem

Term “PROBLEM” “A BIG MESS” Problem is a biggest issue with multiple ways, and creates confusion to pick best way, which is also a PROBLEM. in this generation our biggest issue is how to overcome weight loss. We are so much dependent on internet that in every problem we ask for a solution from internet. Who provide us multiple ways and gets difficult to find the best one.
Well! Hello guys, I am here to help you out with your issues. We youngsters are fond of junk food which is quiet unhealthy and doesn’t allow our stubborn fat to leave us. We are so much attracted to food which contains gluten, carbs, cholesterol, fats, etc. And chocolates are the most favourite food in this planet. Which is sadly sweet and sugar is a big “NO”. Sorry guys. 1.Basic way to lose weight is to avoid sugar. Sugar sweetened drinks like sodas, juices and sweet tea are loaded with fructose, a type of simple sugar. Fructose increases your hunger and desire for food more than glucose. 2. Avoid all the junk food from y…

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